All about the first president of the republic of Indonesia, Ir. Sukarno -How Birthplace Soekarno Conditions?

How Birthplace Soekarno Conditions?

   City officials say is trying to buy the house where the birth of Sukarno.
First President Sukarno was born in Surabaya on June 6, 1901. The house where he was born in Kampung Pandean has become a cultural heritage. How is she?

Sukarno was born in a modest house in Pandean Gang IV No. 40, Village Peneleh, District tiles, Surabaya. Above the door, mounted golden yellow placard reads “Birthplace Bung Karno” with the logo of the City Government (City Government) Surabaya.

Although it has been designated as a heritage building by decree of the mayor of Surabaya in 2013 and then, this house looks poorly maintained from the outside. Paint the walls white house looks dull. Similarly, blue wood frame.

When BBC Indonesia came to the village Pandean, the testimony of a neighbor’s home birth Bung Karno said Jamie, the owner of the house, was out of town.

A plaque at the outboard house became the birthplace of Soekarno

Azhari, a native of Kampung Pandean the elderly, said that the house was four to five times the property changed hands.

A plaque at the outboard house became the birthplace of Soekarno

Azhari said, based on the story that he can from the older people in the region, father Sukarno, namely Raden Soekemi Sosrodihardjo, is one of the newcomers in Kampung Pandean. He then moved from the area a few years later. Soekarno teenagers, according to a story that gained Azhari, back again to the area and Peneleh Pandean.

Village Pandean Surabaya is the birthplace of Sukarno

“In the past Bung Karno his childhood mediocre. After a teenager, he came again to the area Pandean-Peneleh to study religion, politics, and movement along with HOS Tjokroaminoto. In this area once thriving organizations and youth movements,” says Azhari.

Soekarno home search

House searches conducted birthplace Sukarno Sukarno Institute since 2007.
Founder of the institute Institute Soekarno, Peter A Rohi, said that the study of a number of books, known Sukarno lived in Kampung Pandean and Peneleh.

“Based on the book we studied, from the books before 1966, mentioned Pandean Soekarno born in the region and has lived in the area and Peneleh Pandean when adolescents. We also seek information from the citizens who live in that area to confirm it,” said Peter.

 Birthplace discussed after President Sukarno back Jokowi one call Sukarno was born in Blitar.

BBC Indonesia Kampung Surabaya Pandean was the birthplace of Sukarno

Based on information from local residents that, according to Peter, he knows the location where Sukarno was born.

Since 2007, the Government seeks to discover Surabaya lies Bung Karno home birth with a review of the research results of the Institute of Sukarno and the Department of Tourism and Culture as well as other historical documents.

Surabaya City Government also find a home birth in the village of Bung Karno Pandean and has set it as a heritage building in 2013 and, as explained Head of Culture and Tourism (Disbudpar) Surabaya Wiwik Widayati.

Department of Culture and Tourism said, he is trying to buy this house, but it is still in the process of discussion with the homeowner.

“At that time there was input from the Institute of Soekarno institutions and processes as heritage buildings, as well as input from community members,” said Mandy.

“Municipal Government tried to have established so cultural heritage. The house is maintained so expect no change of the building. It was a new stage implemented. We still process (for purchase) until today,” said Mandy.

Why so controversial?
BBC Indonesia birthplace discussed after President Sukarno back Jokowi one call Sukarno was born in Blitar.

City birthplace first President back into talks after President Joko Widodo in commemoration of Pancasila speech mentions Blitar as the hometown of Sukarno. In fact, historical sources mentioned that Sukarno was born in Surabaya. Why the difference?

Peter A Rohi said, these differences occur because there is a mistake in translating a book about Soekarno written in English by a US journalist, Cindy Adams.

“Furthermore, the book was translated by a team of chroniclers of the Armed Forces (TNI) to mention Bung Karno was born in Blitar,” said Peter.

In fact, in a book by Cindy Adams, according to Peter, Bung Karno said, “Because my father moved, when it moved to Surabaya, that’s where I was born,” said Peter.

He explained that, on all books published biography of Bung Karno before 1966, said Peter, written that Bung Karno was born in Surabaya.

However, the book of translations of Cindy Adams published back in 2007 and said Sukarno was born in Surabaya.

Source : bbc indonesia and

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